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Create and Sell Your Own Sample Pack on our Sounds Marketplace

It’s about time the power in the music industry shifts back to the artist! We created this platform to allow artists to share their projects and sounds with the world so that:

  • They can generate a good income
  • Educate other producers about their musical wizardry
  • Inspire and provide the tools for other producers to replicate their sounds
  • Grow their worldwide fan base

We are a platform for artists to sell their sounds to producers around the globe while retaining 100% ownership of their music. We believe that sharing and collaboration are key to the evolution of music.

Register an account, and after our admin approves you, you’ll be able to login to your artist backend portal and upload your music files.

Once you’ve created your profile, you are set to upload your products via our simplified upload page.

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A Next-Generation Vocal Remover and Music Source Separation Service 

Lalal.ai is a next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service for fast, easy and precise stem extraction.

You can remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks without quality loss.

If you think this tool seems useful, head over to LALAL.AI , and if you sign up for one of the paid options, PausePlayRepeat will get 30% commission!

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