Tuned Toms

Jun 10, 2020

Here we have a programmed bouncy 808-style tom line. Although the tom works rhythmically, it's currently out of tune and subsequently feels divorced from the track.

To bring the tom into tune with the rest of the mix, the first step is to use a tuner to identify the pitch. Transposed down an octave, the tuner is able to pick up the tone better. The raw pitch of the tom is sharp of C, so we've detuned it in the Drum Rack by -46 cents so that it has a reliable C pitch.

With the tom at a clear pitch, it's time to shift it so that it fits with the music. Experimentation is key. Because the music is in D#minor, we must first transpose the tom up four semitones (+4 st) so that it was in tune with the track. This felt bland, so we settled on +7 st - a minor third above the root.