FL Studio’s 3xOsc Instrument: A Comprehensive Guide

Feb 19, 2023

If you're a music producer, you're likely on the hunt for innovative and unique sounds to use in your tracks. If that's the case, then you need to check out FL Studio's 3xOsc instrument. This oscillator tool allows you to create a variety of sounds that can range from a subtle pad to a sharp arpeggiator. In this blog post, we will dive into the different features of the 3xOsc, so you can start experimenting with the tool in your music production.

Oscillator Shapes and Invert Toggle

The 3xOsc's oscillators are the foundation of the sound that you'll create. The first set of boxes in the tool lets you choose the shape of the oscillation, which can vary from sine to triangle, square, saw, and more. By changing up these shapes, you'll have an array of options to work with, and you'll find that each one produces a distinct sound.

Moreover, the Invert Toggle switch will flip the phase of a particular oscillator. This can help create a stereo effect if the sound seems too mono. The waveform will be turned upside down in a digital drawing, creating a stereo widening effect.

SP and SD Knobs

To give your 3xOsc instrument more depth, use the Stereo Phase (SP) knob. This feature allows you to move the oscillating wave forward or backward in time, widening the sound of your instrument. In addition, the Stereo Detune (SD) knob can essentially do the same thing, but you'll notice that the tones between the left and right channels become out of tune as you adjust them. Therefore, experiment with these features to find which works best for you. For an exciting sound, I suggest changing the stereo phase.

CRS and Fine Tuning Knobs

The CRS (Course) and Fine tuning knobs are useful when working with remixes that are slightly out of tune. These knobs allow you to tune the entire oscillator without causing the left and right channels to become out of tune with each other. This is particularly helpful when you need to hit those in-between tones without affecting the entire channel. However, always remember that you've made changes so that you don't wonder why your instrument is out of tune when you try to play it.

OSC 3 > AM Toggle Switch and PR Knob

The last two sections of the 3xOsc instrument include a toggle switch (OSC 3 > AM) that allows the third oscillator to be amplitude modulation for the first two oscillators, and a Stereo Phase Randomness (PR) knob that lets you add varying degrees of randomness to the stereo phase of all oscillators. This plug-in has a classic sound to it and is reminiscent of early synths.

Exploring the Presets

FL Studio's 3xOsc comes with numerous presets to explore. To find the presets, go to your Browser, and at the top is the Channel Presets menu. Open it, and directly underneath will be all of the presets for the 3xOsc to peruse. I highly recommend experimenting with these sounds, as combining these simple sounds with others can create incredible arrangements in your projects.


FL Studio's 3xOsc is an excellent tool for creating a wide variety of sounds. Although some of the concepts may be complicated, the relative simplicity of this plug-in is an excellent introduction to synthesis and hearing how it works. The best way to understand the different oscillator shapes and their sounds is to hear them. So, start experimenting with the 3xOsc in your music production and see where your creativity takes you.