EQUO Plugin in FL Studio: A Dynamic EQ Adjuster

Sep 30, 2023

FL Studio has always been known for its plethora of high-quality plugins, and the EQUO plugin is no exception. Think of EQUO not just as another EQ, but as a dynamic EQ adjuster that's capable of changing the frequency landscape in real-time as your song progresses. Let’s delve into this innovative plugin and how you can harness its capabilities.

The Graph

Located on the left side of the EQUO interface, the graph provides a visual representation of the frequency spectrum, with lower frequencies on the left and higher frequencies on the right. The drop-down menu on top provides three essential options:

  • Random: Generates an unpredictable EQ curve for a chosen bank.
  • Flat: Resets the EQ line to its neutral default position.
  • Interpolate: Fills in the EQ curves between Bank 1 and Bank 8, making transition effects smooth.

Graph Modes and Features

Next to the dropdown, there are three handy mode buttons:

  • Pencil: Lets you adjust individual frequency blocks.
  • Line: Enables drawing straight lines for a linear EQ curve.
  • Curve: The standard mode for drawing curves.

EQUO’s Analyze feature visualizes the current audio playing through, allowing you to understand and adjust your EQ curve in relation to the sound. Other features, such as the Bank selector, Volume, Pan, and Send buttons, provide control over different aspects of your sound's frequency content.

The Morph Section

Here's where the magic really happens:

  • Shift: Move your EQ curve to the left or right. Perfect for automation.
  • Mix: Decide the curve’s intensity on the original sound. A neutral position means no effect.
  • Morph: Transition between Banks 1-8. Great for sweeping effects!

The Setup Section

  • Send Only: Mute the primary output and decide where the affected sound should be sent.
  • Add mode: Keep the original sound intact while layering the effected output.
  • Oversample: Enhances sound quality.
  • Bandwidth: Control the intensity of the EQ curve’s effect on your audio.


EQUO in FL Studio is not just a static EQ tool but a dynamic and creative effect. While the possibilities are vast, a good practice is to set your base EQ using plugins like the Fruity Parametric EQ before introducing dynamic changes with EQUO. Whether you're looking to create sweeping automation changes or subtly modify the EQ as your track progresses, EQUO is an incredibly powerful tool in your FL Studio arsenal. So, experiment, have fun, and craft your unique sound signature with this dynamic plugin!